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Frenquency Asked Questions About Moving Your House



What type of permit is needed to move a house in your area?


Permits vary from state to state and you will need to check with your local building codes office.


Will contractors need to be hired to help with setup of the house once moved?


Yes, depending on the circumstances a contractor will be needed to prepare the new foundation.


How far can a house be moved?


How far a house can be moved depends on the size of the house, and where you are moving the house to.


What exactly happens when a house is moved?


The house is separated from the foundation, then loaded on a truck, moved to the new location and unloaded from the truck. Once the new foundation is in place M & M will come back and lower the house onto the new foundation.


Does M & M build the new foundation?


No, you will need to get a contractor to build your new foundation for you.


What kind of damage is possible wheen a house is moved?


Minor stress cracks may appear; the degree of cracking will depend on how much settling has occured in the old foundation.


Do you raise houses?


Yes, we raise houses so that foundation work and adding basements can be done.


Do you buy houses?


Yes, we will buy the house and move it off of your property. If you have several houses at one site, we are equiped to move them in a timely manner.

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